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A Short Story

The Greek Canadian Community Centre (GCC) is a community charity established on August 30, 1983.  Our goal was to bring a taste of Greek culture to the community. As a Charity, we strive to promote Greek culture and traditions and share this with the community. We support those in need by donating food and supporting other charities. We have program that help Senior citizens and we strive to diminish isolation in the elderly. We also have a traditional Greek library which can be viewed by the public and have teachers available to teach our history to those interested in Greek culture. 

We also rent out our Ballrooms privately to raise funds to support out causes. In addition we provide these spaces as a Reduced rate to other charities to help support all worthy causes in our community.

Our Initiatives 

Senior Cooking Classes

We provide a safe and comfortable place for seniors to engage in activities to prevent isolation and depression. We often incorporate youth in these activities and the elderly find it engaging to teach them Greek culture and pass down traditions.

Charity Bake Sale 

The GCC hosts Semi-Annual Bake Sales to raise money for the our Charitable activities. The Bake Sale includes traditional Greek dishes like; Spanakopita, Baklava, Tiropita, Moussaka and more. 

Thursdays Take out 

The GCC offer takeout on select Thursdays to help combat poverty and hunger in the homeless. 

“Success! The wedding was nothing short of perfect. Thank you so so very much for all of your help. The staff there is incredible and really made this experience wonderful for us.”

Tess M.

Why Choose Us

Exceptional Catering Service

Delicious Food

Complete Food and Beverage Services

Professional Staff

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